CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT The StaffIf you follow my blog, you know that I have a staff…my four kitty cats who co-host, critique and help me with my projects. They have to earn their keep, after all! They are an important part of the Plate Addict blog and always get what they want…but please don’t tell them I said that! So I was very happy to discover a new cat food that they loveSHEBA® Entrées for Cats!  CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Sheba PatéNow you will know that my love for all things French extends to the staff when I tell you that they love paté…seriously LOVE it! In fact, our CEO Miss Ozzie actually lived in France with me where she developed a taste for French cuisine. So it will come as no surprise when you learn that they adore SHEBA® Paté! Baby Kitty (Don’t let the name fool you…he’s a real tom cat’s cat!) is a big fan of the salmon entrées. Miss Isabella loves them all and finicky Miss Kitty and our CEO Ozzie go for the chicken ones. CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Baby KittyBaby Kitty is also a huge fan of the SHEBA® Cuts — he likes the chunks made with real tuna in broth…“real tom cats eat tuna” he says…although he doesn’t mind eating it out of a crystal bowl! CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Sheba CutsAnd I was pleased to discover that all of their seafood entrées are made with responsibly sourced seafood and fish following the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. In fact, all SHEBA® Entrées are held to a high standard to ensure an irresistible taste. If your cat doesn’t love it, you will get your money back! CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Sheba Cat FoodI have to say that I am happy to know that the food is good for them as well since the pates are made with a meat first recipe. If you check the label of the chicken paté, the first ingredient is chicken. You can’t say that about most cat food! There are no grains, corn, gluten and no artificial flavors or preservatives, either. That’s hard to beat! And SHEBA® cat food includes three lines…not only Premium Pâté, but Cuts in Gravy and Gravy Desires. It's nice to find a food that the staff can all agree on. It looks like we have found a keeper! Be sure to head on over to their site at to see for yourself. Your kitty cat will thank you!


Have you ever given SHEBA® a try for your cats? Let me know in the comments.